Michael Benson Private View

London Cork Street

8 November, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Michael Benson Private View

RSVP for the opening of Atmospheres, an exhibition of new and recent photographs by Michael Benson. This is his first solo exhibition with Flowers Gallery, and follows his major show Otherworlds at the Natural History Museum, London earlier in 2016. 

For more than a decade, Benson has used raw image data from robotic interplanetary missions to create large-format landscape photographs of the planets, their moons and the Sun. This body of work, constructed from fragments captured by machines hundreds of millions of miles from Earth, explores the visual legacy of over five decades of robotic space exploration, marking a significant new chapter in the history of visual representation. Benson’s appropriation and re-positioning of materials originally acquired for scientific research, seeks to radically reframe the limits of visual and conceptual horizons; looking, as he describes, “through the eyes of our post-human avatars.”