John Keane creates artwork for a touring production

3 April 2013

"Staged by Neil Bartlettand, Paule Constable, with Scott Graham for Frantic Assembly,Wendy Houstoun and artist John Keane.

In the five Canticles, Britten distilled his immense operatic scope into miniature jewels that glitter with musical inspiration and dramatic potential. They explore the themes closest to his heart; sexual love, the horror of war, spiritual longing and the struggle for self-acceptance. Using physical theatre, dance and film, this bold reimagining of the series - originally composed as individual concert pieces and spanning nearly 30 years of Britten's career - brings theCanticlestogether to create a single dramatic evening.

A unique tribute to Britten in his centenary year, this staging is the vision of two Brighton theatre-makers, director Neil Bartlett and lighting designer Paule Constable, collaborating with leading choreographers Scott Graham and Wendy Houstoun and controversial war artist John Keane. Ian Bostridge, long admired for his performances of Britten's music, heads a world-class line-up of artists that includes Britain's leading young countertenor, Iestyn Davies, returning to Brighton after the sell-out success of his Festival concert last year."