Hughesually: The Art of Patrick Hughes DVD

24 March 2014

Hughesually: The Art of Patrick Hughes DVD

Patrick Hughes and Matthew Flowers have collaborated with Director, Jake West to produce an insightful documentary film charting the artist's illustrious career. The 41 minute film entitled Hughesually: The Art of Patrick Hughes is an engaging memoir which serves as a humorous and informative introduction to his unique practice. The film explores how the artist first gained inspiration for his famous 'reverspective' paintings, which create the optical illusion that an artwork is in motion as viewers change their vantage point. The audience also gain unprecedented access to the artist's studio to see the construction of these dramatic works. Exclusive screenings of the documentary will take place at both Panorama Mesdag, Holland and Flowers New York to coincide with Hughes' upcoming solo exhibitions: Moving Space 6th April - 7th September and Studiolospective, 1st May - 7th June, 2014.

To order your copy at the special introductory price £5/$8, or for further information on screenings, please contact