Artist of the Day - Shawn McGovern - Friday 27th June

27 June 2014

Artist of the Day - Shawn McGovern - Friday 27th June

We are pleased to announce the 21st edition of Artist of the Day. This two week exhibition showcases the work of ten emerging artists chosen not by the gallery, but by established professional practitioners who have each nominated a talent of their choice.

Our fifth 2014 Artist of the Day is Shawn McGovern, a painter selected by Stuart Pearson-Wright:

Figures are intermittent throughout my work. Their discrete presence, often missed at first glance, means that they are never entirely present, nor are they absent. There is a sense that something is about to happen, but it is never explicit, thus it robs the paintings of narrative resolution, leaving them in a state of disequilibrium. Shawn McGovern

I chose Shawn because I believe he is an extremely talented painter and I've had the privilege of seeing his work develop over the last few years. Shawn's current paintings are playful and humorous and demonstrate a real sensitivity for the medium and a sense of freedom which I envy and admire. Stuart Pearson Wright

Shawn will exhibit his work for one day only at our Cork Street Gallery space on Friday 27th June.

Opening Hours: 11am - 7pm

Refreshments: 12 - 2pm