Artist of the Day 2018 - Michael Ginsborg selected by Keith Milow

London Cork Street

28 June, 11:00am – 7:00pm

Artist of the Day 2018 - Michael Ginsborg selected by Keith Milow

Michael Ginsborg selected by Keith Milow

Flowers Gallery is pleased to announce the 24th edition of Artist of the Day, a vital West End exhibition programme selected by leading contemporary artists since 1983. The fast-paced, revolving two week exhibition schedule provides a platform for a selected group of artists, each presenting a one day solo exhibition at Flowers Gallery’s Mayfair location, with a programme of events taking place each day.

DAY FOUR: Michael Ginsborg selected by Keith Milow. A one day exhibition will be held from 11am - 7pm at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London.

Refreshments will be served in the gallery 12-2pm. Please contact to confirm your attendance.

“STREAM” is the title of the group of collages in this one-day exhibition. My work is generated from an ongoing collection of images on paper, some made by me, some found. Some are complete and some are fragments.  What unites this disparate, open ended and deliberately un-taxonomic collection, apart from being assembled by me, is the pictorial possibilities that I see both within, and between each item.

I work with a process of extended improvisation. The work is not consciously produced with reference to a motif in the world.  When the descriptive element becomes too prevalent I tend to degrade it.  The ensuing ambiguities are an inescapable part of my working process.

- Michael Ginsborg

Derek Jarman collected people, it was a great talent, and when I met Derek in 1967 Michael was well established as the friend Derek had met whilst they were both students at Kings. Michael was also a painter and had already developed an enviable skill set which gave his paintings an authority that I was yet to achieve. This sure hand has never been absent from Michael's work.

As I write, I am looking at an image of a painting called ACCUMULATION, 1976-77, a painting which announces itself immediately in its precision. It is fugal, possibly symphonic in nature, with it’s four sections increasing in volume and complexity. All this happening whilst being exquisitely drawn and painted in the colours of a Russian Constructivist.

In his more recent work, Michael exhibits a wealth of references, some obscure to the viewer, some not. The pleasure is not only in the decoding of these works but in witnessing an artist whose skill with the medium remains undiminished and vigorous.

- Keith Milow