An Englishman in LA (Mr Boshier)

2 November 2015

An Englishman in LA (Mr Boshier)

‘An Englishman in L.A. (Mr Boshier)’ has been re-released to coincide with Derek Boshier’s October 2015 exhibition & book launch at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London. Boshier’s design for the CD sleeve is featured as a double spread in the Paul Gorman-edited Boshier monograph Rethink, Re-Entry, published by Thames & Hudson. The song, written by Clem Crosby, David G.A. Stephenson and Jonathan Stapleton - recorded by Stephenson (Lyrics/Vocals) and Stapleton (All instruments) - celebrates Derek Boshier and his remarkable paintings and artwork, including his designs for David Bowie and The Clash.

The CD single ‘An Englishman in L.A. (Mr Boshier)’ has a wrap-around sleeve, specially designed and drawn by Derek Boshier (the hand-written lyrics being a particular feature), which folds out to become a striking poster. The CD is also signed by the artist himself.

To purchase your copy, please contact or speak to a member of staff at Flowers Gallery.