Aleah Chapin at Flowers Gallery

25 February 2013

Aleah Chapin at Flowers Gallery

"In her first solo exhibition Aleah Chapin presents an extenuation of her "Aunties Project," which began in the fall of 2011. For this series Chapin paints individuals from her life with a naturalism that is both unflattering and highly sensitive. Her paintings are full-length nudes of weathered bodies and intimate portraits of wrinkled faces lost in reverie.

In her paintings Chapin aims to produce experiences that are revelatory for both viewer and artist. Chapin describes the "Aunties Project" as work that "examines my personal history through the people who have shaped it. On our bodies is left a map of our journey through life. The process of painting these women allowed me a glimpse of that journey and brought me into the present moment of our shared history."

Interaction and commonality are themes that surface in different ways throughout the "Aunties Project." By use of her carefully orchestrated palette, Chapin achieves a unity between the flesh of her subjects and the substance of their backgrounds. Every surface is tactile and interesting. Her subjects are unique, yet they share a meaningful closeness. However informally she poses them, Chapin consistently imbues her figures with dignity and strength, individualism and significance.

Aleah Chapin (b. 1986) won the BP Portrait Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London for her painting Auntie (2012). She has received numerous other accolades, including the Posey Foundation Scholarship, the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant, and a Postgraduate Fellowship from the New York Academy of Art, where she received her MFA."
Jeffrey Carlson Reporting
Contributing Editor, Fine Art Today