Brush It In

Curated by Lorenzo Durantini

26 October 2012 - 05 January 2013

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Brush it in is a colloquial expression for a wide variety of alterations made to digital photographs after their creation. The transition from analogue to digital post-production yielded an incredible expansion of existing techniques. Adobe Photoshop was originally developed as a digital emulation of the physical techniques of the darkroom. It quickly developed its own specific vocabulary and it is precisely this language that Brush it in engages with. As digital image making became ubiquitous within popular culture so did the awareness that these digital tools often had more power for deception than the photographic act itself.


  • Joshua Citarella
  • Fleur van Dodewaard
  • Christiane Feser
  • Darren Harvey-Regan
  • Antonio Marguet
  • Anne de Vries


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